ICT for Manags


I started my journey to pursue higher education in 2006, its a HR major with MMU in cyberjaya. I am also glad to say that i am now at final stage of my education and achieving my dream as i only have 3 paper to complete. On that note, the only paper i have for this semester is ICT for Managers.
The main objective of this subject is as follows:

  • To learn about the basic concepts of computing and appreciate the roles of Information Systems in business functional areas,
  • Comprehend the applications and importance of internet and multimedia in daily and business activities.
  • Expose students to the social and ethical issues related to computing.

 In all of the subjects offered in my course, there is a requirement to complete two assignments and the same applies to the subject of ICT for Managers.  En Rozaini who is the lecturer has requested to suggest 10 ways to further improve my personal blog and therefore below are the top 10 ideas to further improve my blog.

1) Dedication

To be successful in anything and everything, the basics like the foundation of a building is dedication and motivation. If  i am a serious/ardent blogger, i must be dedicated to my blog, which means dedication of time, effort and energy to blog and also take it seriously about my personal blog.

2) Stay on the subject

In my opinion, the 2nd best way tom improve my blog is to better write a short post straight to the point about one subject, stead of writing a very long and drawn out posts with heaps of information in it, in a lighter note from KL to Kedah in order to go to Penang. Instead i think the big topics up in several smaller posts will be easier to digest for my readers and will give me several blog posts to write about.

3) Niche for my blog.

Now that i  know the topic i would like to write about, i will have to scale this topic down and find a niche topic that i could write about. For example, i am passionate about being a vegetarian and within that i should blog about where is Kuala Lumpur or anywhere i should travel that i can get vegetarian food. By choosing a niche topic, it will be easier for me to rank my blog, for example for the search term ‘vegetarian food in kuala lumpur  will be less competition then for the search term ‘vegetarian food ’.
4) Use and link with social media.

You probably all heard, “if Facebook was a country it would be the worlds 3rd largest” so why not use it to our advantage? Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social media sites i could create a fanpage on for my blog, but there are many more social media sites like, myspace, tublr, digg, linkedin and many more i can use to increase my online presence.

I would If  or if  aren’t ready yet to set up a fanpage for my blog yet, why not i just share my posts on my own facebook wall or post on twitter. I am sure it will be  amazing how many people will share my  post with their friends.

5) Increase Traffic  website hits

I will need more then just a good looking site to attract visitors, think about it this way, how can people come to my site if they don’t know it exist? So I have  get traffic to my site and increase website hits. Well lets think advertising, and there are plenty of ways to do this on the internet, such as

search engines
networks or forums
comment on other blogs
social media
One of the first things i will do after my blog is setup is submitting it to search engines & directories. They are both very similar but there is a difference between search engines & directories. I was told that i  either manually submit my site or there are paid services that can do this for me to further populate my site.  To start with, I would just stick with submitting my site manually to a few search engines & directories and continue doing this regularly, i might just get lucky.

6) Be Brief

Blog posts should be succinct. Most blog readers don’t want to read lengthy posts, so keep i shall post length to a manageable amount for people to digest in just a few minutes, so i can focus on creating content that matches my  audience’s expectations and preferences. This applies to my overall blog post length as well as to paragraph length. Long blocks of text are overwhelming online, so i should  use a lot of short paragraphs, headings, and bulleted lists. .

7. Stay Focused

What is my blog topic? I should Stick to it. I was always sure that i should blog about anything and everything about my life, like the many roles that i play, Dr Stephen Covey mentioned in his book 7 habits that an average human has a minimum of 35 roles in any average persons life. If  my writing i must veers off in too many directions, visitors won’t know what to expect from my blogging.  They’re coming to my blog to read about a specific topic. If I  change topics every day or in ea h post, they won’t want to try to weed through the clutter to find the posts that interest them. Therefore, it’s critical that i just  stay focused on my  topic in my blog post content.

8. Simplified Writing

Most blog readers expect content to be quick and easy to read. They’re not looking for research papers, so write in a personable style and i should  use words that match a young reading level. Writing at a fourth grade reading level might seem shocking, but it can improve overall readability (including scannability) and boost my blog performance metrics considerably. To put that into perspective, President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address was scored at an eighth grade reading level according to the University of Minnesota Smart Politics analysis. Hahahaha!

I should  take some time to consider my blog topic, my target audience, and also my goals, and then write at a reading level that matches. I should also keep in mind, that this trick depends very much on my blog topic and target audience. For example, the writing in a blog about neuroscience with a target audience of PhD students would need to match the expectations of that audience.

9) Blog cosmetics

I should focus on giving my blog a facelift or a better cover, a shine as they call it. My blog should be attractive for readers from all walks of life. It should be updated with video, links to other website and also social site icons. This will also increase my chance for return visitors.

10) Enjoy
Last but never the least, i should enjoy and be passionate about my blog! if i were to just write something without any enthusiasm the readers  will will likely feel that i am not being honest about and i am sure it will fall apart. I should also read and visit other blogs regularly and that way i can also pursue ti improve my blog….michelle thilaga’s of blog!


Raya 2012


Its been a tradition that every raya my family and i will take kak nor out for berbuka puasa…i will normally treat kak nor to a buffet at a 5star hotel. Kak nor is actually my sisters ex colleague and we have known her for the past 10 years. Kak nor is like a family member to us, she wont miss any function that we have at home as she has been part of every happy and sad occassion.

This year somehow the usual did not happen, i have been very tied up at work and so is kak nor. i spoke to kak nor and she also nodded that this time everyone is super busy. we made an agreement to meet just after raya….kan raya sebulan. 

My family and i are leaving for chennai on the 18th of august 2012, which means memang tak sempat rasa raya 2012 in malaysia. have to wait to taste the delicious lemang, ketupat and kuah kacang!!


Kak nor i going to visit her friend in Australia just after Raya. she has promised to bring chocolates for me and my son!


Selamat Hari Raya to all!! 





It’s officially been 6 months and 17days since I started the vegan journey. Initially there were stares, shock look and even silly smiles when I told my friends and family of my decision. Why…how will you survive….must be really hard….my reply was if there is a will…the way will also come by.

The intension was the stay healthy and feel fresh and happy….I am healthy as I have lost weight, do I feel fresh…physically…I am uncertain…do I feel happy….definitely. At times becomes a testing period when I have to walk to a fast-food restaurant to pick up dinner for my hubby and son.

My colleagues have also become more caring and are aware what can and cannot be eaten…one of them asked…oh my god…how to survive…it’s simple…life is just to precious.

One also said that if you practice vegetarianism…you are that much closer to god…true…I am not so sure, I must say I feel really light.

Breakfast was curry potato bun with Milo.
Lunch was 3 types of vegetables with rice, juice and grapes.
Tea was Milo and creme crackers
Dinner was fried Maggie with vegetables and a few pieces of roti canai with water.

Blog tomorrow.

Ps countdown to India begins today.



I declared to myself that i am going to be a vegetarian despite living with two meat eaters, the two love of my life. So when we went for a new years party on the eve of new year, 2012 it was the last day for me to consume any meat whatsoever. The fireworks at Desa Park City was amazing. It was a 8 minutes show. I will try to upload it soon. 

1st January 2012, i had to reinforce my intentions of being a vegetarian and therefore declared the news to the family, as we dine most of often together, some was shocked and some was very pleased. My mom was very supportive as she would link it with Hinduism and spirituality.

I informed my domestic helper and her first reaction was  – “for the whole yearrrr…” “how can” i smiled and told her sure can. Alongside with that conversation, I thought her how to prepare chapatis (Indian bread made of wheat flour), explained that cooking for a non meat eater is not different and can go along with cooking for the meat eaters, when making any curries or dishes, before putting in the meat (poultry / seafood / meat) once some vege are added, the curry can be removed for my consumption and proceed to add the necessary meat for the rest. 

Well, she still looked puzzled. i am sure she will be fine and soon will be creative in her approach.

The reasons why i turn to being a Vegan;

1) I wanted to stop killing – when i visited the local fresh market sometime in October 2011, it was to shop for preparing Deepavali (the festival of lights that the Hindus celebrate around the world), i order 5 chickens to be slaughtered and that was the first indicator of how uncomfortable i felt. My son on the other hand was very excited.

2) Health – While turning 40 is the new 20 – prevention is better than cure,  i am a strong believer or at least i would like to think so.

3) Hygiene  – read somewhere that in every packet of chicken (raw or cooked) there is always some poo left in it!

4) Life  – Would any animal like to see its own child be sent for slaugthering?

And the list can go on!

I am also aware that it wont be easy and challenges will come in leaps and bounds, but i am ready to conquer it!






MY life list



1) know how to swim-yes completed

2)complete the violin lesson

3)take part in 10 stage play. 5/10 must be a public event – 5 to go

4)run a 10km marathon -ladies open


5)north and south pole

6)Great wall of china

7) Vatican City-see the pope

8)The Taj mahal – Done twice 1994 & 2007

9) The Eiffel Tower

10)The tower of london – Done – 2000

11)The leaning tower of PISA


12) know how to scuba dive

13)Ride an elephant, camel – elephant & camel done

14)Land and take off an aeroplane


16) take a parachute jump

17)Parasailing – done 1998-phuket

18)teach a college course

19)Watch a cremation ceremony in bali – done 2003

20)appear in a local TV drama

21) own a cafe

22) learn to dance tap dance


23) disneyland usa

24) disneyland hongkong


26) Taj mahal again


28) lady diana memorial

29) meet angelina jolie in person

30)all states in malaysia – 2 to go sabah and sarawak

31)christmas island

32) australia – gold coast

Over come…

33) fear of the dark

35) pain – to have one tatoo

the begining


as i was introduced to this blog, i was actually sitting 30000 feet above sea level flying high on route to kuala lumpur from india, a dear pal was talking to me and at the usual standard time in kuala lumpur would be around 3am, under those crcumstances i would be fast asleep with the comfort of a large bed, warmth of my 4 year old growing up stunner, hubby also sleeping in the same room. (see how priorities change)

back to the reason for creating a place to share all my limited collection of words that i am trying to increase…if i had the option of going for a surgery….implant of a kind…no dont get ideas….i was more thinking of dictionery latest edition, or word collection software of a kind.

taking this  to 20 years ago, in a old chinese town (airpanas) translating to hot water well which was an attraction of the town hence the name. being brought up in an all ladies family (mom and two sisters) mostly looks like a all ladies dormitory. being the blacksheep in the family i had interest in all the things/situations/meaning in life which was on he contrary than what my mom always thought in which my two sisters were very much in tandem with excluding yours truly.

i am never a grade A student, i choose the subjects that i liked, the activities that i would get involved in and also starting having my own thoughts and prespectives in life. it was never books, dolls, dresses, lovely lace things, good grades, mom’s wishlist… however it was sports, sports shoes, winning sports meet, medal, throphies, nothing else matter but sports, boys, falling head over “shoes” in love, being the household brand name almost…in school, eveyone wanted to be associated with yours truly…

i started my journal than…writing diaries, as i was not able to convince my mom and sisters on why i was not like them and or atleast be like them, the only way i was able to tame the feelings, intentions was thru the journals that i wrote everyday, it was books that had locks…..yes, the diary itself came with a lock..never leave home without it..types. i stopped writing when i was 26…why…i met the man i married…although it continued till we got engaged…work demands and the spirits to keep the relationship heading the directions we wanted…i stopped writing…i would have continued if technology was on my side..had bloggerism existed…(he he ) this also gives an opportunity to create own words…

its time now..my dear michelle thilaga to start rekinddling what i had once  had attempted before…

the begining will continue…

whats in store:

why flowers and smiles

why am i in this world

…..many more…